Growing-up and getting married by Claude Shires at LA’s Ice House

Growing-up and getting married by Claude Shires at LA's Ice HouseFor the contemporary up-to-date comedy-consumer, Claude Shires offers his show at LA’s Ice house, you are kidding if it doesn’t keep you euphoric for the full twenty minutes. His wacky intelligence might be giving you abdominal pain, so make sure you don’t eat too much before watching. Some of the jokes are so funny he laughs at them himself. His non-commercial style keeps the people in the audience wild and exited. The show could be classified as non-political and owns the right crowds although some of the humor does plunge into broad varieties of topics. The people sound like they know him pretty well, at least the cheers and laughs make it seem that way. Crowd participation spontaneously reaches out and revives the more quiet moments of the show keeping it hilarious the whole time. As opposed to most comedians, he keeps it personal from beginning to end. He won’t hesitate to make a fool of himself while describing everyday life from a funny point of view.

His original humor kind of bathes everyone from top to bottom making it in-personal in a certain way as well. Most of the content is easy to follow and keeps everyone laughing out loud for a long moment after the punch lines. Some of his best jokes are easy to anticipate and just a facial expression or a certain gesture sparks a roar from his audience before he even gets to the end. If you have the urge to get back into a better mood don’t miss it. Make sure you have your kids in bed as most of the content is somewhat explicit. Granted the opportunity, don’t miss out and make sure you leave a comment. At least some sign of appreciation towards the guy, he does earn it. Have fun! Read more about stand up comedy.