Claude Shires: Putting His Own Spin on Comedy

Claude Shires: Putting His Own Spin on ComedyClaude Shires is a refreshing addition to the world of stand-up comedy. This seasoned comedian uses wit and a relatable charm to keep audiences roaring. His casual demeanor and subtle delivery help to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for all who attend his shows. Claude’s passion for comedy is apparent every time he performs.

The resume of this beloved comic is impressive even by Hollywood standards. Claude has appeared on successful TV shows such as Dexter and CSI. He has also appeared in the short films Expecting, Accidentally on Purpose and The Final Day of Intoxication. He even provided the voice for the character Willie Hollbeck in the video game L.A. Noire.

Like many other great stand-up comics, Claude Shires has made his rounds performing at some of the world’s renowned comedy clubs. He frequently performs at clubs in Los Angeles such as Ice House, Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store.

In his acts, Claude often discusses topics familiar with audience members. The subjects of aging, family, marriage and other aspects of everyday life are commonly mentioned while he performs. He is also not shy about discussing his time in the military and the humor he found while he was serving.

In addition to aspects of everyday life, Claude is also not afraid to mention various topics of adult and politically incorrect themes. He is able to add a sense of humor to these topics without being overly offensive. In fact, audiences often appreciate his candid speech and are amused by his uninhibited nature.

It is easy to see why so many people have become fans of Claude Shires throughout the years. Going to one of his shows is the perfect way to spend an evening of fun with friends. As the years progress, the star of Claude Shires will likely continue to shine even brighter. View Claude Shires video of comedy stand up.