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Travel to Maldives

Maldives are small Islands located around Indian Ocean. Community of 350,000 people. Society rooted in modern traditions and Muslim faith. Maldeves are not only famous for lavish resorts, but for scooba diving. Cruises are a big attraction here. Brilliant holiday experience. Special offers and last minute deals on website www.maldivesdivetravel.com.

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Top Diving Sites

Fotteyo Kandu is one of the top diving sites. Many scuba divers consider Fotteyo Kandu dive site to be the best dive site in Maldives and it is also rated among the top 5 scuba dive spots in the world. The mouth of the channel is exposed to the ocean and during north east monsoon […]

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Cheap Diving Holidays

Also, package prices for cheap diving holidays in the Maldives tend to include numerous extras such as airport transfers, dive transfers, meals plus snacks and select beverages, island visits, sports activities and so on. Most safari boat excursions in the Maldives include free visits to uninhabited islands and, if the weather allows it, dinner is […]

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Diving Maldives

You are almost likely to see several diving maldives whales sharks here, which also thrive on this planton. Diving Hanifaru Bay is just one of the many places where you can enjoy shark diving in Maldives. Maldives shark diving is possible throughout the archipelago, where you will see many different species of sharks, although whale […]

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